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Store sal / Main Hall

Measurements Stage:

9mx3m, and 4m deep inside the dome. Look closer for details in the pdf stage measurement.
Hall 18,55m deep and 12,66m wide


  • One 63A (blue 230V) 3 phases + ground located behind the stage.
  • One 63A (blue 230V) 3 phases + ground located two floors down (25 m) Easy access from back stage.
  • 2X16A one on each side of the stage
  • 2X10A one on each side of the stage
  • 2x16A on the gallery FOH


  • Top: 2xLacoustics Wide
  • Sub: 2xLacoustics SB18
  • Amplifier: LA8


  • Yamaha CL 1
  • I/O Rack:
  • Rio 3224
  • Sends/Returns from stage:
  • Rio 3224/ 32 inputs/ 16 outputs


  • 1XShure beta 58
  • 4xShure sm58
  • 1XShure sm57
  • 1xNeuman kms 105
  • 6xSennheiser ME64 table michrophones/overhead condenser cardioid.
  • 1xSennheiser e914
  • 1xSennheiser MKH40
  • Akg C535EB
  • TOA K1 condenser cardioid
  • Akg 747
  • 4xSennheiser MD 425


  • 6xBSS AR-133


  • 2xSennheiser ew 300G2 hand-held cardioid
  • 4xSennheiser ew 300G2 transmitter
  • 4xSennheiser ME-3 headset michrophone super cardioide
  • 1xSennheiser HS-2 headset michrophone omni directional
  • 4xDPA d:fine headset michrophone omni directional



  • 5 X Tripods with boom
  • 5 x Round foot with boom


  • 5x Round foot with boom

Light equipment:


  • 58 X 10A dimmer channels


  • Compulite Photon, 20 faders.


  • 6Xpar56 300w
  • 3XETC SourceFour Zoomprofiles 750W (15-30 degrees)
  • 9XFresnel 750W hanging from truss front of stage.
  • 2Xfresnell 750w SL,SR gallery
  • 40xSlimParPro (Ledlights)


  • Screen 386x295
  • Hight w/legs 4.17m

Projektor: NEC M420X

  • ANSI: 4200
  • Res: 1024x768
  • Kontrast: 2000:1
  • Input: HDMI/VGA


  • A total of 564 chairs. 504 in the main hall and 60 in the gallery



  • JBL EON: 2X18"SUB(Mpro MP418SP)
  • 2X15" PG2


  • JBL EON: 3X EON10 G2
  • JBL EON: 2X 510


  • Allen&Heath Q16 (Digital)
  • Soundcraft analog 8 mono ch, 4 stereo ch, 2 sends



  • Screen 2.20x2.95

Projektor 1:

  • Benq TX 501
  • ANSI: 2700
  • Res: 1024x768 (XGA)
  • Input: VGA

Projektor 2:

  • NEC LT245
  • ANSI: 2200
  • Res: 1024x768 (XGA)
  • Input: VGA

We have in addition 3 portable screens.


  • PA anlegget i Store Sal som er beskrevet under teknisk har en leiepris på 10000,- (Krever en tekniker fra huset ved leie.)
  • Vi har et taleanlegg med 6 soner strategisk plasert i Store Sal, galleri og under galleri. Dette høyttaler-systemet er inkludert i prisen så lenge det er en tekniker tilstede. Tekniker koster 750/t.
  • Lyd og AV i Stranger Salen er inkludert i leien men inkluderer ikke tekniker. Dette anlegget administreres av hovmester når det ikke er tekniker tilstede.
  • Sound system in main hall have a rental prize of 10000,- (Require a sound engineer from the house)

  • We have a specially designed delayed speaker system distributed over 6 different zones to accommodate all the challenging areas under the gallery in the hall and on the balcony. This PA is perfect for speeches and background music. (This is included when there is a sound engineer from the house.)
  • PA/AV in Stranger is included in the rental. The maitre d` is operating this system when no sound engineer is present.


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